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Digitally remastered and completed in collaboration with the Computer History Museum, The Powersharing Series now offers on a thumb drive 134 contemporary first-person accounts covering the birth & growth of personal computing 1981-1991.

  • Bill Gates presents his vision of the future of the Macintosh.
  • Steve Jobs and NeXT present a concert at Boston’s Symphony Hall.
  • Martin Graetz and Alan Kotok describe creating Spacewar!, the first computer game.
  • Seymour Papert discusses why his LOGO language so powerfully stimulates and reinforces learning.
  • Alan Kay describes the era’s foundational work so brilliantly done at Xerox PARC.
  • Alvy Ray Smith discusses and illustrates the systems making possible Pixar’s pioneering animated films. (audio and video versions)

Computer pioneer Dan Bricklin says:

The list of who you have on that flash drive is unbelievable! This is those people, these are their words, you get to hear what they’re like, what they were thinking of, what their dreams were about the future as they talk about it – Amazing!”
“Every CS Department should have this.”
-Dan Bricklin, co-creator, VisiCalc, the original personal computer spreadsheet

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Steve Jobs introduces the NeXT computer to the Boston Computer Society at Boston’s Symphony Hall (Nov 1988).
A 3 min. audio excerpt from Program #190 in The Powersharing Series (104 min.)

What is The Powersharing Series
A 3 min. audio excerpt from The Story of The Powersharing Series (14 min.).